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Let's be honest: the best automobiles are the ones that take you from point A to point XXX. If getting all weird in a tight spot isn't your style, you've got to go the classic Ford route. Throw an air mattress in the bed of the truck, or a sleeping bag made for two, and start, um, bouncing the suspension?

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As any randy teenager in a slasher flick could attest, sex of any kind around cars is a bad idea, since it implies a secluded venue away from the prying eyes of everyone but the psycho killers, and for some reason, psycho killers really hate it when teenagers have sex. And not just for trashy teens. Even in a mainstream movie like 's Oscar-winner Crasheven for upscale, married black professionals, a woman with her head in her husband's lap at the wrong moment is at heavy risk of being pulled over and sexually molested by a racist cop played by Matt Dillon, kicking off a chain of ugly and artificially symbolic events.

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As the Washington Post began to describe the findings of the drily- slyly-titled Autonomous vehicles and the future of urban tourismI worried about the article's bent. You see, it began by suggesting that driverless cars will "give people a new place to have sex. Possibly for money.

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The answer is You can see the breakdown of age groups and sexual acts performed below. It looks like the preferred vehicle for Baby Boomers is a good old-fashioned sedan while millennials and Gen-Xers prefer the space and versatility of an SUV. Presumably, Boomers like sedans because of old American cars' bench seats, which were practically the size of mattressesand probably more accommodating for love than modern sedans.

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Michael Gove is spearheading plans to halt the sale of new hybrid cars by to help tackle UK air pollution, Whitehall sources have said. The environment secretary is in favour, as is the business secretary, Greg Clark, but the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, is opposed, the FT reported on Friday. Hybrid car sales dwarf those of fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, but the former emit more pollution because they are still overwhelmingly reliant on burning oil.

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There is so much sex on the New York City subway now. Have you noticed? Sometimes, train stations are just coated in phallic cactuses.

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Self-driving cars will have a huge impact on how Americans travel, work and, according to some scientists, have sex. The report goes on to speculate that driverless cars could be the next frontier in prostitution, which could also create new safety concerns for sex workers around the world. Read the full story at Fast Company.

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Meat Loaf's classic song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" will soon seem downright prehistoric—a tune from back when people had to sneak sex in parked cars. In the age of autonomous vehicles, experts are worried that we'll be having all kinds of sex in moving cars. Randy teens might order a driverless Uber SUV with tinted windows for a spin around town. An office worker could take full advantage of the long morning commute with the spouse—or with the neighbor's spouse.

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The writer-producer-director-cinematographer-editor and, as the closing credits note, chef is working with a higher class of B-list actors Freddy Rodriguez, Josh Brolin, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey than the grindhouse films could afford, but he gives the movie a fastidiously fast-and-sloppy look, and lets a few bloops slip through: one anesthesiologist says she's about to apply an "anestetic. What he did take from the old exploitation films is their mantra and mandate: If it's forbidden, do it. That had a subversive impact when Hollywood still offered a comfortable middle-brow formula to rebel against.

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This is Jeff Bayer, and I don't update this site very often. If you'd like to listen to my current movie podcast you can find it at MovieBS. Someone in my neighborhood owns a yellow Lotus convertible and whenever I see it, I make a low, guttural sound, similar to Al Pacino's lascivious growl in Scent of a Woman. Often, I daydream about dipping it in honey and then licking its delicious yellow hood


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