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Swordfish was directed by Dominic Sena, but like Sena's previous film, the Bruckheimer-produced Gone In 60 Seconds, it's dominated by its producer's expensive, numbingly familiar brand of cinematic excess. Picking up pretty much where Gone In 60 Seconds left off, Swordfish details the techno-fueled adventures of yet another good man forced to commit crimes to save a family member. Cast as the world's hunkiest, most socially adept computer hacker, Hugh Jackman plays a down-and-out whiz lured by master criminal John Travolta into resuming his hacking endeavors.

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His parole forbids use of computers and the internet. Ginger Knowleswho works for Gabriel Shear Travolta holds a gun to Jobson's head giving him a minute to crack a secure government server. Stanley opts to secretly code a back door in his hydra that reverses the money transfer after a short period.

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Forget good and evil: These cats live by their own codes. It even sounds fun in a cheesy way. And what of the topless scene in question?

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But she changed her mind when Warner Brothers raised her fee substantially. The actress, noted for ultra-modest roles such as her portrayal of the singer Dorothy Dandridge, burst out laughing at a press conference in London yesterday when asked about her decision. Sitting next to Travolta and Hugh Jackman, the actor with whom she performed the topless scene, she said: "Initially I had reservations.

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Whether it's a passionate love scene or Billy Connolly dancing around Stonehenge, nude scenes always raise at least an eyebrow. The all-time classic pointless topless scene. Here, Hugh Jackman's hacker Gabriel greets his love interest, only for her to drop her book and show him her breasts, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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Halle Berry in Swordfish movie director: Dominic Sena. T he actress Halle Berry agreed to the topless scene — ostensibly for an extra fee ofdollars — because she wanted to overcome her fear of doing nude scenes. This was on top of her initial fee of two million dollars.

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Nude scenes are no longer the means for a B-list starlet to grab a bit of attention before her star fades for good; they're no longer what a young actress is forced to do before she makes it big and starts demanding those "no-nudity" contract clauses. Nudity--and, often, very explicit sex scenes--is what you do if you want to go gunning for a prime spot on the A-list and be seen as a "real" actress. But Natalie Portman was confident enough in her status to tell director Mike Nichols that she didn't want a nude scene in "Closer," the sexually charged drama that opens Friday.

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By Megan Turner. He makes everyone feel special; he takes the time to talk to you and look at you. But neither coupling produced the kind of sparks that flew when Berry and Thornton hit the sheets.

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Halle Berry in Swordfish. Source:News Corp Australia. Forget good and evil: These cats live by their own codes.

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Swordfishthe incoherently compelling new action thriller directed by Dominic Sena and produced by Joel Silver, seems to draw part of its identity from the big-money boobs on display. They do indeed appear for about five seconds, in all their healthy glory, in a completely superfluous scene existing only for the unveiling. I say God bless her. I, for one, am all in favor of gratuitous nudity coming back into vogue.


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