Hairy fruited sedge

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Distribution Map: Based on vouchered plant specimens only. View county names by placing the mouse cursor over a particular county. Category I - Species that are invading and disrupting native plant communities in Florida.

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Cuyahoga Valley National Park's fields, forests, and wetlands are home to over 90 species of grasses and over 70 species of sedges. A walk through any particular field will generally yield the patient observer a long list of grass species, including Kentucky bluegrass, black bentgrass, redtop, annual ryegrass, timothy, velvet grass, poverty grass, switchgrass, bromegrass, orchard grass, fowl meadow grass, and many others. While the natural vegetation of this region is forest, CVNP has one prairie, which was planted before the park was created.

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Growing your own plants from seed is the most economical way to add natives to your home. Before you get started, one of the most important things to know about the seeds of wild plants is that many have built-in dormancy mechanisms that prevent the seed from germinating. In nature, this prevents a population of plants from germinating all at once, before killing frosts, or in times of drought.

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Carex tomentosathe downey-fruited sedgeis dispersed throughout Central Europe in scattered groups and is a rarely found member of the family Cyperaceae. The stiff, upright triangular stem is rough and hairy and the top and has a blackish red sheath at its base. The lowest bract has foliage-like development and dominates the spikelets.

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Like nearly all the remaining wetlands in southern Wisconsin, nearby agriculture and development altered the area hydrology, setting the stage for the invasive species reed canary grass to roll in like a malignant cancer smothering out all native life. While a bit hard to see from this late-summer photo, the banks are completely covered in hairy-fruited sedge. Partially hidden in decades of reed canary grass thatch, we find thin blades of the native hairy-fruited sedge Carex trichocarpa still holding on like a small band of resistance fighters against an invading army of superior numbers.

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Classification Confidence: Low Classification Comments: This community is described from the Delaware Water Gap, where it is distinct although often narrow and linear, and from the Central Appalachians of West Virginia. In West Virginia, it is represented by 4 plots 2 occurrenceswhich cluster consistently and ordinate closely, near the high-elevation riverscour and tall-herb floodplain types. This is a provisional type in Virgina.

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Pick an image for a larger view. See the glossary for icon descriptions. Separate staminate male and pistillate female spikes, with 2 to 5 usually 3 staminate spikes up to 2 inches long clustered at the tip of the stem; rarely a staminate spike will have a few pistillate flowers at the tip gynaecandrous.

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Infertile shoots are more numerous and taller than fertile shoots. The culms are unbranched, sharply triangular in cross-section, light green, and glabrous. Each infertile shoot has about alternate leaves, which are concentrated mostly toward the apex of the shoot.

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Clumped sedge of riparian wetlands; leaves mm with reddish bases; perigynia pubescent and relatively large mm long with prominent beaks. Information is summarized from MNFI's database of rare species and community occurrences. Data may not reflect true distribution since much of the state has not been thoroughly surveyed. Occurs on the margins of floodplain forests and in open wetlands along streams and marsh borders.


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