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Inwhen he was 24 years old, Nathan Fernandez was arrested for possession of child pornography. To hear him tell it, he was a member of a Deep Web anti-child porn vigilante task force when he developed an attraction to minors. When he was arrested, police found a few dozen child porn files on his computer.

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Updated February 01, This black-and-white photograph of a medical container fitted with a long plastic tube might appear, at first glance, innocuous. But it's a penile plethysmograph: a device used to measure changes in penis volume in response to erotic prompts.

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At left is his attorney, Lisa Wayne. Sharper pleaded no contest Monday in Los Angeles to charges of drugging and raping two women in the second of similar criminal cases in four states. Earlier, he pleaded guilty by video link to sexual assault in Arizona and was sentenced to nine years in federal prison.

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Central Polygraph Service examiners understand the unique variables required to conduct tests regarding allegations of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct. All Central Polygraph Service examiners are licensed with the State of Illinois, have graduated from an American Polygraph Association approved advanced clinical sex offender training course and are approved by the Illinois Attorney General as qualified examiners for clinical sex offender testing. In addition, all Central Polygraph Service examiners participate in specialized continuing education programs on an annual basis. Central Polygraph Service utilizes state-of-the-art digital polygraph systems and conducts polygraph examinations according to strict standards and methods as approved and accepted by the American Polygraph Association and the U.

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Advertisement Close X. Last Friday, as the two women who have accused Virginia Lt. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault prepared to go on CBS This Morning and recount their stories to anchor Gayle King, Fairfax was traveling to a Washington, DC, law office to sit down with a very different type of interviewer: polygraph examiner Jerry Hanafin.

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Have you ever heard of "phallometric testing"? I confess I had not, until it was twice mentioned apparently with approval by Justice Benke in a recent and important decision that reversed a San Diego trial court's grant of visitation to a maternal grandfather and grandmother whose daughter was trampled by elephants while on safari, over vigorous objections of the children's father. Ian J.

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That is one motivation behind why leaving the toothpaste on the penis overnight has appeared to work all the more adequately in a few men. Many health care experts suggest treating the disease without surgery for the first 12 months after the disease is first noticed. Men with small plaques, not much curving of the penis, no pain, and no problems with sex may not need to be treated.

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A stretchable band with mercury in it is fitted around the subject's penis. The band is connected to a machine with a video screen and data recorder. Any changes in penis size, even those not felt by the subject, are recorded while the subject views sexually suggestive or pornographic pictures, slides, or movies, or listens to audio tapes with descriptions of such things as children being molested.

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Originally described by Fisher and colleaguesthe first circumferential measure, the mercury-in-rubber strain gauge, was adapted from a similar transducer used by Shapiro and Cohen The device consists of a hollow rubber tube filled with mercury and sealed at the ends with platinum electrodes. The gauge is placed mid-shaft on the penis and can easily be fitted by the participant. The resistance of the mercury inside the tube varies directly with its cross-sectional area, which in turn is reflective of changes in the circumference of the penis.


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