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I don't like jacking dudes off. I've learned, from jacking off quite a few different dudes, that every guy likes to be jacked off slightly differently. Moreover, each time I give a guy a tug, I'm pitting my dick pulling technique against the one person who has beaten that dick senseless for around 20 years give or take —the dude the dick is attached to.

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I wonder if left handed people get pissed that the flap is always open up on the right side Not like anyone use that thing. I was surprised when I watched the Green Mile that of all the films that it would make me appreciate been able to piss perfectly well.

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These jokes have been available for a while at the bottom of each page, selected at random. Warning: some of them are quite crude. A mosquito stops sucking when you smack it.

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Where is the pee hole? And no one seems to know where it is, at least not for sure. Basically, women have three holes: a butt hole, a vagina hole and a pee hole. We know this much for sure.

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Urine flows slowly from between the pink flaps as the girl squatting over the toilet goes while a peeper films her from underneath. You can see every drop of urine. Vaginas don't urinate.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Why is the opening at the front of men's briefs still there if it's rarely used?

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The Fix: Without male development, a urinary tract cannot successfully form. So, penile agenesis is treated at birth by surgically redirecting the urethra to enable successful urination. Some diphallic men may have two penises of normal size, while others may have one or both that are small or malformed.

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My 32 years old BBW wife proudly shows off her dirty hairy gaping pussy. My cum flows out of her dark hole before my bitch pisses all over the place. Hefty busty wife exposes her big gaping cunt and takes a piss.

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Personally I like a bit of hanging hamdont get me wrong, neatly tucked away is also good, any flange is good. But i like a bit of ham to suck on. What you reckon?

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