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Sign up or log in to manage your notifications. Tulane University draws a unique crowd. The stereotype holds that over-privileged, well-dressed students flock to the 'dirty south' to perpetuate the mantra, 'work hard, play hard.

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Yet… I find that whenever I say this phrase people look at me and chuckle, as if waiting for the punchline. I really do love teenagers! And I get to feed them lots of food.

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Teenagers are known for being rebels. That is our stereotype. This is the social norm for people between the ages of 16 to

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Haley Hegefeld October 15, Filed under Opinion. Recent research into the development of the teenage brain should not justify the stereotype that all teenagers are impulsive and emotionally-charged. Each teenager develops differently. In our society, teenagers are cast as impulsive and reckless beings that are incapable of controlling their emotions and desires.

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Cathy Baldwin receives funding from Shakespeare's Globe. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. When you think of inner-city teenagers, what springs to mind?

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I had good friends. I participated enthusiastically in extracurricular activities like dance. I did well in school, and I read voraciously.

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I am proud to be a teenager. People have said this will be the best time of my life. For me, I feel the weight of this stereotype.

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February 28, In many societies, teenagers are repeatedly told — by adults, peers and popular media — that teens are more likely than younger children to take risks, ignore their parents, skip schoolwork and succumb to bad influences. But stereotypes are not destiny, a new study of Chinese middle school students suggests.

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Jump to navigation. Are we so different or is it just our appearance? It is said that all nations differ in culture, customs, the way of thinking, and many other things.

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Teens with deadly diseases, disfigurement and disabilities are stereotyped in a genre of literature called "teen sick-lit" — adolescent fiction that combines illness and romance — and reinforces negative perceptions of the ill and traditional gender rolesresearchers say. The study analyzes several young adult novels often identified as tear-jerkers surrounding a sick female protagonist pursuing a healthy or sometimes ill male love interest. Often, the sick teens feel it necessary to conform to cultural norms of gender, sexuality and beauty to feel or get better.


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