Vaginal testing

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A variety of organisms and conditions can cause vaginitis, so treatment targets the specific cause:. You'll need prescription medication to treat trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and vaginal atrophy. If you know you have a yeast infection, you can take these steps:.

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A vaginal examination is the most intimate examination a woman is ever subjected to. It must never be performed without:. The vulva must be carefully inspected for any abnormalities, such as scars, warts, varicosities, congenital abnormalities, ulcers or discharge.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Boston: Butterworths; The normal vaginal discharge is white, nonhomogeneous, and viscous.

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Vaginitis, also called vulvovaginitis, is not one specific infection. The causes of vaginitis can include bacteria, yeast infections, or viruses. It can also be passed between sexual partners. Vaginal dryness due to lack of estrogen can be a contributing cause.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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We compare the performance of simple inexpensive point-of-care POC tests to laboratory diagnosis and syndromic management of BV and TV in poor settings. Between November and Marchsexually active women attending two reproductive health clinics in Mysore, India were recruited into a cohort study investigating the relationship between vaginal flora and HSV-2 infection. Participants were interviewed and screened for reproductive tract infections.

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Your gynecologist may already have tested your vaginal pH many times. This allows her to determine the acidity or alkalinity of your vaginal secretions. Why is this information important for her to know, and why should you learn it, too? You may want to test your vaginal pH if you are experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms, such as itching, burning, a foul vaginal odor, or abnormal vaginal discharge.

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Since there is no simple and reliable way to screen for vaginal or vulvar cancers, it is especially important to recognize warning signs and learn what you can do to lower your risk. There is no simple and reliable way to test for vaginal or vulvar cancers in women who do not have any signs or symptoms. Screening external icon is when a test is used to look for a disease before there are any symptoms.

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A vaginal wet mount sometimes called a vaginal smear is a test to find the cause of vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina and the area around the vagina vulva. Vaginitis is often caused by an infection, but it may also be caused by a reaction to vaginal products such as soap, bath oils, spermicidal jelly, or douches. Vaginitis may cause symptoms such as vaginal itching, pain, or discharge. Infections that can cause vaginitis are common and include:.


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