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ALB was first found in Massachusetts in August Due to additional detections of ALB infested trees, the regulated area has expanded within Worcester County. Massachusetts State Regulations Federal Regulations.

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Only 13 Asian Longhorned Beetles were caught within the Greater Worcester quarantine area during all of The key is finding infestations before the mature beetles emerge from host trees. It takes one to two years for the beetles to develop inside the host.

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Federal, state, and city officials gathered today in Worcester to announce they have discovered more trees infested with the destructive Asian longhorned beetle. Last week, officials said they found between 12 and 15 trees in Worcester's Greendale neighborhood infested with the beetle, and designated a circular area with a 1. Today, they announced they have found more infested trees and have increased the area of concern to 16 square miles that includes parts of Worcester and the neighboring towns of Holden and West Boylston.

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The Asian longhorned beetle Anoplophora glabripennis is a wood-boring beetle believed to have been introduced into the U. Asian longhorned beetle ALB larvae bore through wood of a wide variety of hardwood species, most notibly maples, elm, horsechestnut, willow, sycamore and birch. ALB boring phsycially weakens the trees and disrupts sap flow.

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Be sure to visit our Media and Outreach page for a complete kist of ID tools, photos, and other files for use in educational projects or for press about ALB. Introduced Pests Outreach Project. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm.

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Governor Ned Lamont. Note - the ALB is one of several exotic pests that may affect trees in Connecticut over the next several years. All efforts help greatly.

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On a pleasant july evening Donna Massie steered her car into her driveway at the bottom of Whitmarsh Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her husband, Kevin, and his friend Jesse were huddled beside Jesse's car, a gold Hyundai Sonata, and were peering closely at one of its doors. They were staring not at a dent but at a striking black-and-white beetle, about the width of Donna's pinkie and half as long, with bluish legs and two banded antennas that curved back over the length of its body like the whiskers of a catfish.

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These pests are deadly to hardwood trees, particularly maples, and have no natural predators in the U. Eradication of the bugs requires removal and destruction of the host tree or a chemical treatment. As of spring more than 34, trees have been destroyed in the Worcester area in an effort to stop the spread of these bugs, and many more are slated for removal.

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A Worcester, Mass. Late on a Friday afternoon in Julyhe was at a gathering in Worcester, Mass. By the time a homeowner reported it inthe invasive beetles had already been boring their way across the heavily forested city in the center of the state, frighteningly close to the edge of contiguous forests that span New England and reach into Canada.


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